The Girl's Source was created to provide a space and a community for black women to have resources and inspiration to help them stay in their Glow, level up their lifestyles and to just learn how to create and prioritize a lifestyle of luxury and self care. So if you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook you’re getting a daily reminder to stay glowed up and do whatever you need to do to become your highest self. 

We also have a secret Facebook group that’s more like one big secret girls chat and a space for the girls to vent and express some of the most common issues that we deal with while trying to reach or maintain a certain lifestyle and we also share and exchange ideas and resources that are beneficial to the girl glow lifestyle so everything about the brand promotes living a healthy lifestyle rooted in luxury and self care. 


Now you can take your Glow up to the next level by heading over to the Glow Shop and purchasing our Girl Glow products. The line features 11 self care products that are completely vegan and hand made. We have something for every self care need, face glow, body glow, and yoni products + a couple of other Girl Glow Necessities. I tried to think of everything a woman needs to complete a self care routine and then created products specifically for that. 

What I love most about the products is that they really give you that feel of luxury. Their natural, safe and effective and as they say when you look good you feel good so now my Girls can Glow up on the outside as well as the inside! 

Please send all questions and concerns regarding orders to